The 1st meeting of the Oregon Section occurred on May 16, 1931 at O.S.U. in Corvallis, and the group has been convening more-or-less regularly ever since. This 1st date makes the Oregon Section the 3rd oldest section in the U.S. The 2nd meeting of the Oregon Section took place on November 12, 1931 at Linfield College in McMinnville, and inaugurated the policy of varying the sites of successive meetings.

The 100th Meeting was held on December 13, 1969 at O.S.U. in Corvallis. Such physics luminaries as R. T. Birge (U.C. Berkeley), S. Neddermeyer (U. of Wash.), and M. Phillips (U. Chicago) addressed the 100th Meeting.


Bylaws of the Oregon Section provide for a President, Vice-President for Pre-College Physics, Vice President for Community College Physics, Secretary, Historian, Section Representative, and PNACP Representative.

Members of the Oregon Section are not required to be members of the national A.A.P.T. In recent years, meetings have been scheduled in October and in March. Usually, one meeting is held in the Portland area, and one is held down state. Meetings are attended by high-school teachers, college teachers, students, and retirees. Several meetings have been held jointly with other organizations interested in the teaching of science and physics.

--Larry Ruby, Historian, 10/02